Certified Privacy Experts from MPC

Privacy Risk Advisor™: The Ideal Balance of Consulting, Support and Education for SME

Why Are Real Privacy Experts in High Demand?

Adhering to Canadian privacy laws is essential for private companies and government agencies across business sectors and geographic regions. No matter where you are, safeguarding personal data is fundamental. That's why having on-demand access to a certified MPC privacy expert can make the difference between privacy compliance, or lack thereof.

Collaborative Experience

The privacy function needs to be involved in knowledge translation across corporate levels and departments. Our privacy pros speak and teach the language of privacy better than anyone.

Deep Domain Expertise

Your MPC Risk Advisor™ is a dedicated privacy pro, certified to manage data protection projects, interface with IT and security teams and confidentially advise all levels of management.

Privacy Risk Management

MPC's privacy experts efficiently navigate through tasks such as Verify™ Cloud PIA™ and manual Privacy Impact Assessments, freeing up companies to dedicate their attention to their primary areas of expertise.